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Right Features to Craft the Perfect B2B Ecommerce Store

When it comes to build the perfect B2B ecommerce store, B2B features are its key ingredients. Without it, B2B selling is not possible. But, specifically what tool retailers should be needed to accomplish this target?

With the exposure of B2B ecommerce solutions, brands now rely on more sophisticated methods. These methods are fast and error-free. Selecting a wholesale B2B platform is just one-time investment. After that, sky is the limit for your B2B e-business. Top B2B platforms are successfully powering companies with an absolute solution. The ecommerce solution, in turn, continuously manages and keeps your store updated with tools and traits that your venture requires to succeed.

What are the key features that comprise a perfect B2B ecommerce store?

Flexible pricing

Let’s face it. Every customer is different. Being a retailer, if you have great long-term relation with any customer, you might want to offer them special discounts and deals. Here the concept of flexible pricing comes. It is a feature that allows you to put customized prices or listings for particular buyers. And, other buyers will only see your standard rates.

Online Ordering

Online ordering feature erases the need to place order manually, and brings an overall remarkable online shopping experience. Online ordering enable buyers to complete their online transaction on their own.


Does B2B ecommerce solution able enough to merchandise your product? Merchandising is a way to enhance B2B online selling by portraying your brand’s identity. The solution must be featured to take benefit from uniqueness of your brand. After all, your unique identity including banners, custom imagery, and descriptions, will help you drive more sales.

Real-Time Inventory Data

A B2B customer wants transparency in inventory data. For this, your B2B ecommerce solution should offer a centralized database which can integrate with several sales channels. This will make sure that your site always shows true inventory estimate.

Ordering and Quotes

Most of B2B customers tend to place their orders on repetitive basis. To save time and effort, your ecommerce store must be equipped with a quick order feature. With quick order, they will only need to fill up a form with quantities and SKU’s, or they may reorder their last saved order. The neater your ordering interface is, more productive your e-commerce store will be.

B2B Friendly Shipping

Since B2B companies deal with bulk ordering, that’s why shipping costs are somewhat a bigger concern to them. Make sure to select a B2B platform that allows retailers to fetch B2B friendly shipping rates to its customers from various shipping providers.

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