3 Social Media Platforms that Are Best for B2B Ecommerce Solution Marketing

How to get more visitors to your B2B ecommerce site? How to increase your sales? Here are 3 social media platforms that are best for B2B ecommerce solution marketing!

As a B2B marketer and business owner, we suppose you are overwhelmed by all the available social media networks? There is no need to be. You can focus on the ones that are most important and the ones that can get the most bang for your buck.
There is no doubt that social media is the number one content marketing strategy used by B2B companies. As business owners and marketers adopt the use of social media, it is understandable to be overwhelmed by all different networks. The worst thing it could happen is to overextend your business on too many networks.
The issue in trying to have an online presence on too many social media networks is that it uses the resources of your marketing team. It can prevent you from having an effective and meaningful social media presence.
We have good news – you don’t have to on every social media platform. You should focus on having a powerful social media presence on a few networks instead of a weak or unstable presence on many.
If you are wondering what social media platforms are best for B2B ecommerce solution marketing, here are the 3 best ones that can get the biggest bang for your buck:

1. LinkedIn:

If you decide to use only one social media network and promote your B2B ecommerce store, make it this one. One of the greatest benefits of LinkedIn is the ability to build relationships and make contacts. The secret to a successful presence on LinkedIn is offering a valuable support and information to your groups and connections. This platform also allows companies and executives to establish thought leadership and build their brands. The popular LinkedIn groups are where most of this occurs. There are over 1 million LinkedIn groups and the best networking happens in the context of status engagement and comments. From a marketing point of view, LinkedIn allows you to create advertising that can be targeted by industry, location, title, company, and other demographics. This is a smart place to introduce your brand, share your content, and attract new visitors.

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2. Google+:

This platform is larger than Twitter and LinkedIn and even though it can’t match the networking power of LinkedIn, from a search engine ranking point of view, you can afford not to have an account on Google+. If the B2B ecommerce solution you are using integrates with Google+, you know you’ve made the right move. It is sometimes easier to think of Google+ not as a social media platform but as a social layer. You can gain higher exposure, especially when your content is presented on Google + as the content is fed into the search results of your circles on Google+. You can have your own business page where you can follow other business, engage with other businesses, and create new opportunities for relationship building.

3. Twitter:

Twitter is a great way for businesses to get the word out and leave links back to their ecommerce websites. The tweets can be seen by everyone and the best part is that nothing is filtering out. You can think of Twitter as a huge cocktail party where you listen to others’ conversations. You can build your own Twitter lists of people you want to follow. The lists allow you to filter out the tweets from your main news feed and read tweets from specific businesses and individuals of your choice. For example, you can create a list of reporters who cover your business industry.

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Find a B2B ecommerce solution that integrates with all these 3 social media networks.

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